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Blue Oaks Baptist Church was just an idea in 2009 when Jason and Mary Azzarello of San Jose, CA were contacted by Pastor John Evertson of Woodland, CA and Pastor Jeff Bowersock of Maryland. Jeff and Roxanne Bowersock had recently moved from Maryland to live in Rocklin, CA in hopes that they could plant a church in the area.

Jason and Mary with their three children agreed to move to Roseville, CA to help launch this brand new church. Pastor Jeff Bowersock worked for months to get the word out and in July of 2010 began hosting Bible studies. The Azzarello family arrived in late August of 2010. After a few months of home Bible studies with five faithful families, the Blue Oaks Baptist Church launched with 50 local attendees on October 16, 2010.

As the church family began to expand, Blue Oaks transitioned into a more permanent building in the west side of Roseville. As of today, Blue Oaks Baptist is a growing community of committed disciples of Christ who are passionate about making disciples of all nations and neighborhoods.